We are recording studio offering digital audio production and recording services in the North Shore suburbs of Chicago. As the owner and operator of North Shore Recorders, I have the engineering expertise, equipment, and facilities to deliver professional results affordably.

The working style at North Shore Recorders is relaxed and flexible. If you want to do your own production, I'll be there to take direction and operate the equipment so you can concentrate on being creative. Of course, if you are new to recording in a studio, I can guide you through the entire production process. If a project does not require your direct participation, I am happy to take it on myself.

In any case, the goal is for you to be proud of what you create at North Shore Recorders, and to have an experience which keeps you coming back.

North Shore Recorders offers a variety of recording services. I invite you to explore this website for more information. Please send me an e-mail if you have questions. All e-mail is answered promptly.

Thank you for your interest.