Pricing & Terms

North Shore Recorders' flat rate for studio time is $50 per hour, and is billed in 15 minute increments. This price includes use of our facility, our equipment, and engineering service. The minimum length of a session is two billable hours. Cash and PayPal are the only accepted forms of payment.

We offer a free-of-charge setup period, which is a maximum of one hour and commences at the scheduled start of your session. The purpose of this time is for unloading, unpacking, allowing instruments to acclimate, setting up, plugging in, tuning, and practicing. Once recording begins or an hour elapses -- whichever comes first -- billable time is ticking.

Sessions are by appointment only. A $100 deposit is required to secure an appointment, and is forfeited if the session is missed. Arriving late simply cuts into your free one-hour setup period. The deposit applies to the cost of your session.

It is important that your expectations are met, and that you have confidence in North Shore Recorders' ability to handle your project. You are encouraged to participate in a free on-site consultation during which we discuss your project, play you samples of our work, and answer your questions.

Intellectual Property

Your recordings belong to you. North Shore Recorders releases your recordings to you when you have paid in full for the service of recording it.

If you are incorporating copyrighted recordings in your own (including, but not limited to, sound libraries, samples, and karaoke recordings), or are recording copyrighted songs or arrangements, you assume all responsibility for securing permission and paying all royalties and fees.

Media, Archiving, & Deliverables

North Shore Recorders will be happy to store your recording from one session to the next, free of charge. Your use of this service constitutes an agreement by you to release North Shore Recorders of liability for damages should the media become unusable for any reason. You'll have to sign a waiver to this effect before we record.

Therefore, it is advisable to make and keep backup copies of your source recordings. Backup copies are delivered as WAV files and SONAR project files.

Mixes (both rough mixes and masters) can be delivered using most standard digital formats and media. Specifically, WAV files (of any sample rate and bit depth) and MP3 files can be delivered via CD-ROM, USB and FireWire drives, FTP, or email. If you prefer, we can also burn an audio CD. Backups are best delivered on USB and FireWire drives. Bring your own.

Billable studio time applies while mixes and backups are prepared, copies are made, and CDs are burned.