Whatever your audio production needs might be, rely on North Shore Recorders to get it done professionally. Our studio is well-equipped with state-of-the-art gear, so a variety of services are offered:

Music Production

Whether you want to record just one song or a whole CD, North Shore Recorders can handle it. You don't have to understand the technology to record your music because we have the resources and the know-how to capture your performance. We have pro-quality instruments available for your use, and, if your project calls for it, North Shore Recorders can help you locate talented studio musicians. If you're new to recording, it is recommended that you read our recording methodology and studio tips to help you understand the process. When you're ready to release your project, we can help you distribute it to on-line music retailers.

Computer Audio (for Websites, Software, and Power Point Presentations)

North Shore Recorders understands that audio can make a big difference in a web site, a PowerPoint presentation, or in a desktop software application. Your users' experience is key, and we have the technology to deliver it subtly or boldly in a multitude of computer-based audio formats.

Radio Advertisements

Of course, radio stations will produce your advertisements using state of the art equipment, but they use their own on-air personalities, which means your spot won't stand out from the rest of their programming. When you have your radio spots produced independently, you can choose from a wealth of voice-over talent and deliver a consistent message on all the stations with whom you advertise. North Shore Recorders will help give your advertising the edge.

On-Hold Messaging

Why should your customers listen to elevator music while they're on hold? You're missing an excellent marketing opportunity. Let North Shore Recorders produce an on-hold message to inform your customers of your newest products and services.

Custom Routines

Gymnastics floor exercise, figure skating, dance, and cheerleading competitions often necessitate a soundtrack with time requirements, precise tempos, and an intensity level that builds and wanes at just the right time. Let North Shore Recorders help you edge out the competition!

Audio Restoration

Do you have old records or tapes that you'd like converted to CD or MP3? North Shore Recorders is equipped to handle several vintage audio formats. Just ask!